Thursday, December 26, 2013

Learn How To Grade Google Form Test & Quizzes Automatically with Flubaroo Script (sample videos to help) !

As an instructional technologist one of most interesting tools that I've been able to share with other teachers this year is Flubaroo which allows us to now be able to grade our Google Forms tests and quizzes automatically with the use of an additional script added to the application. This can be a great time saver and may provide a new way for doing assesment both in and out of class.

Flubaroo Helps:

  • Quickly Grade Google Form Quizzes & Tests With Percentage Values
  • Email the Grades & Correct Answers
  • View A Graphic Spreadsheet of Student Performance
  • View Student Performance on the Most Difficult Questions

Google forms have long been a great way to assess students knowledge on subjects or to collect data related to any variety of the subject. Now with the addition of a specific script you can add an answer key which will automatically go through all of the collected answers and provide an actual percentage grade for every different submission that is added to the form.

In order to successfully use Flubaroo you need to have created your test or quiz have a prepared answer key. You and also will need to know how to add the Flubaroo script into the application. The benefits of this application are great time savings as you no longer have to go to each students grades in order to grade them individually. Watch the videos in completion to get all the details before starting. I have walked through all the critical components in these videos.

Watch These 2 Videos To Learn How!

Video 1: Creating The Form

Video 2: Adding The Script and Viewing Results

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