Thursday, May 2, 2013

Screen Cast Mobile App Design Critiques:Video Based Assessment Models and Iterative Practice

Today was my first experimentation with using screen-casts as means to have groups critique other groups designs in the early stages of development of their mobile apps. I began with having students design a graphic layout of their application ideas with a paragraph describing the purpose and goals of the app to users and the market. I then had each group provide a critique of 2 other groups for some variety. I am anxious to see how this influences their development process with their mobile designs.

The idea for this assignment cam from one of the readers of my dissertation research on PBL curriculum with mobile development mentioning that at Google they do these kinds of continual evaluations all the time. I am interested to see how these critiques influence motivation to complete projects and also the ownership of the project.

Below are some preliminary goals.

Goals For This Project:

1.Engaged speaking and dialogue about the design process.

2. A preliminary assessment based on known group goals.

3.A record of critique in which groups can watch and use to improve their project.

4.The discussions can initiate a redesign process and create continual improvement of the project.

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