Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adventures In Cutting Cable: Using PLEX for Videos and Media & Watching Local Video Files On Your Television

One of the cooler things I have begun experimenting with since i have cut cable is the use of the PLEX media server in order to view my videos from a variety of different devices. PLEX requires that you have one main computer connected to the internet(the server) which holds all of your video content and you view the content throught the app on other devices. PLEX assists in helping you organize and view this content.

This has been helpful to me since I own a Roku streaming player and a Chromecast. Now all I need to do is access this application to view videos on these players through my tv is to add the PLEX app. Through the App I have access to the  saved files on my server computer. PLEX makes the setup relatively painless with good directions and you have alot of options through their free account. This service is great if you have a ton off downloaded videos that you would like to watch on your tv.

Beyond the download of the server and adding files you will also need to synch your device with the server through a simple 4 letter code combination. I needed to do this to use my Roku account with PLEX. I guess the final hurdle of having PLEX as your go to is the 4.99 monthly charge for the use of the app which is how most people will use this service.

Watching Local Files Through Chromecast With Videostream App on Chrome Web Store

On my Chromecast one challenge is the streaming of local video files to my television set. I was able to solve this with the use of the with the Videostrem Chrome Application. This app has performed well at allowing me to stream a local file off my computer to my television.

This application performs well and so far no surpises with available length of stream or reasons for the premium account. The Premium account offers addtion smartphone capability and ad free experiences none of which have really been a major benefit in the current use of a cable cutter.

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