Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mobile Applications Final Spring 2013

Mobile Applications Final

Part 1: Plan and Design

Goal: Plan a 5 page mobile application which addressess the needs of a Special Needs student. This application can address the learning and cognitive skills of the student or assist the student in developmental delays.

Assignment 1:Produce a concise written statement which describes the target audience of the mobile application,context of use and what content the application will include. This statement should be minimum of 2 paragraphs and fully describe the purpose and overview of the mobile application design.
  • What purpose does the application serve?
  • How does it create engagement?
  • Who will use this application?
  • What technologies(pinch and zoom,sound,swipe gesture,buttons,web links,maps etc.) will be integrated into the design.

Outcome:Concise written 2 paragraph essay for use with final video(100points).

Assignment 2:Using Photoshop create a wireframe/mock-up which includes the graphics in terms of color schemes,buttons,button sizes,images and also anticipated user interaction. Be sure to include relevant font/typography styles and consideration for engagement. All of the listed items below are required(color scheme,buttons,navigation,graphics,3 technologies).
  • What are the colors and fonts  used?
  • Why are the buttons located where they are?
  • Where does the user navigate to and why?
  • What will all of the application pages look like?
  • What pages have the required technologies?

Outcome:Complete Photoshop graphic using template(linked below) which shows the listed components(100points). Use the template below in Photoshop to aid in your layout and design.

Part 2:Develop
Assignment 3:Using either the Flash platform or one of my supplied mobile templates integrate your design. Your completed application will be exported as an .apk file. Other options are available if done in Dreamweaver.
Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • Did I integrate all of the required technologies and export correctly?
  • Did I incorporate a cohesive navigation and color scheme?
  • Did I create user engagement?
  • Did I create something a special needs student would actually use?
  • Am I being detailed orientated and looking to solve problems as opposed to not finishing a component of the application?

Outcome:Final mobile application(.apk file) with all the technical &design components listed in part 1 and all of the cohesive design needs listed in part 2(100points).

Basic App Layout In Flash

Components To Add To Your App

How To Make A JQuery Layout

Basic JQuery Slider Template

JQuery Cheat Sheet

Part 3:Evaluate
Assignment 4:Once you have completed the prior components of the project you will have a 2 paragraph concise statement,Photoshop Mock-up and completed mobile application.
All of these components should be organized in a folder on the p drive and also backed up in your documents.

Assignment 4:You will be responsible for creating a 5 minute constructively critical evaluation based on the requirements of the project of someone elses application.