Monday, June 3, 2013

Final Screencast Presentations Business Logo-Card-Brochure-Web Site Web Design 1 & 2 Mr.Downs

Final Screencast Presentations Business Logo-Card-Brochure-Web Site
Web Design 1 and 2

Tools: Screen-cast omatic,Google Documents,Desktop Computer

Using screencast omatic you will create a detailed video in which describe the tools and software used(Photoshop,Dreamweaver,Notepad,Illustrator,Templates for Brochures,Business cards) and your own “personal design process” in the creation of the graphics for your web design business.

In the videos you should show your graphics work and “walk through the process” of designing the logo by hand,bringing it into Illustrator and designing the business card,brochure and ultimately the web page for your business.

Be sure to discuss relevant topics such as the content of your materials and slogans and taglines. Make clear in the video how all the components connect together “cohesively” .

Please write a thorough outline of how and what you will discuss in the video. Speak clearly and intelligently and use no vulgar language. Be respectful of other students making their videos as well.

Time Requirements For Video: 7 minutes

Content Requirements:
1.Thorough well developed outline to work from while discussing work.
2.Collected folder of work containing all files easily accessible while making the video.
3. Logo design on paper and in final Illustrator.
4. Final business card designed in Photoshop saved as a JPEG.
5. Final Brochure Interior and Exterior Panels(2 separate files) saved in JPEG format.
6. Final Website Design using mobile template with your content integrated and organized to your personal business needs. Changes in color,text,layout,images.

*****Please see the “Dr.Downs Screen-cast Video Guide Sheet” For More Details on using screen-cast-omatic.*************************