Friday, April 11, 2014

April 7-11 Instructional Technology Update Andover High School -Daniel Downs

I have been communicating with teachers around the building this week on how to use Baseline Edge software and complete the uploading and checking off of evaluation documents. This has benefitted teachers with helping them become more familiar with saving and storing important artifacts for their SMART goals. This learning process has been taken on with full steam and I am highly impressed with their detailed documentation of their learning goals and graphics being added to the portal.

Sara Adam a senior who works at the helpdesk was in a cake decoration competition in Danvers Mass. She is currently designing a website at the helpdesk about her cakes and designs and cupcakes. Sara has been diligently working on her site which displays a photo gallery of her work and also the history of her business. 
Sara was eager to have the opportunity to join the help desk and she has brought a great spirit and attitude to the help desk.

This week I continue to work with Peter Hall on his video project that he has for this the French students. He is currently using iMovie with video clips the students of shot show parts of Andover to the students are visiting from France. I am working with him to have the clips to iMovie edit and add titles. Peter has dedicated himself to integrating more technology into his classes and now he is taking on full video projects.

He will be sharing this project with the students were visiting as well as his own students to strengthen the vocabulary and dialect of their French. Working with Peter has been greatly rewarding and I am currently planning on using his project as a best practice for high school integration in Andover. I have included the photo of Peter's notes which he meticulously took about the contents of the project outcomes he wanted for students in this video. 

We are currently planning a video which will showcase teacher use of technology across the district. The video will be a collaboration between the digital learning department and the film and video studio teacher at Andover High School, Dan Brennan who will help us shoot and edit the "Virtual Open House".

The goal of the "Virtual Open House" will be to inform the community,parents,teachers and students of the variety of new technology tools, integration strategies and best practices which will be an important part of the 1:1 implementation in the fall in the 8th grade. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the video as we move forward.