Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Using The Mac To Create A Podcast Or Video File (MP3)

In this video I create an audio file using Garageband. This can be a great tool for use with language labs because teachers can create their questions and leave a gap of time for students to respond. The program also enables MP3 files which are flexible for use with other programs.

I try to keep this tutorial simple with just a few simple steps to get started. Garageband also enables a range of great audio editing tools which can improve audio quality and volume. The clips can also be easily deleted, copied or pasted as needed.

Podcasts can be a great tool for bringing groups together collaboratively to make an audio project or to work with world languages. This tutorial was inspired by a question from Adriana Gonzalez at Andover High School who requested a way of creating audio files for the language lab which could have the space in time for students to respond. This provides a great way of taking ownership of the language lessons by creating their own content.

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