Monday, July 14, 2014

Selectively Coloring An Image In Photoshop The Easy Way- Less Than 5 Minutes!

Here is an easy way to selectively color an image in Photoshop to bring attention to those bright colors in a photograph. This is a great effect for the seasoned professional photographer,graphic artist or even just starting out.

Basic Steps & Video:
 1) In this tutorial it starts with opening an image and duplicating it in the layers palette. By doing this you have created two versions of the image.

2) The next step is to desaturate the image in the top layer so that the color is removed. You can also use the black and white feature but this will give you a separate option. You now have a black and white image over a colored one.

3) Now zoom into the image to focus on an are using either choosing either "view" the "zoom" or select "ctrl" or "command" and choose + or - to go in or out. Once zoomed in select the top black and white layer on the palette and then the "eraser" from the tool bar.

4) Accurately select the options for the eraser on the top bar of the screen and choose your choice of hardness or softness and anticipated brush styles. Slowly erase the portions you would like removed and reveal powerful colors from your black and white image.

5)  Be sure to save the final image as a .jpeg to compress the image into one layer.

View The Entire Tutorial Here:

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